April 20, 2014

I sold

A while back I questioned if I should sell or not.  The S&P 500 has been going up and up and I couldn't decide what to do.  I want to thank everyone that responded that I should just hold onto the stock.  But after thinking about it for a few weeks and the stock increasing in value again and again, I sold.

I use Sharebuilder for my investing.  This is money that would have been put into my personal savings account but instead I had been using to play around with purchasing stocks with.  Almost every stock has lost value since I purchased it over the last 5 years.  I've actually quit adding money to the account because I wanted to focus on increasing the money in my savings account instead.

I will say that Sharebuilder is extremely easy to use and the stock was sold as soon I hit the button to sell.  Original purchase price total was $1,164.72 for 8.197 shares.  I sold for these shares for $1,539.20.  Sharebuilder charged a $6.95 fee for this transaction.  My net proceeds are $1,532.25.  So I made $367.53.  I plan to set $55 aside for taxes on this money.  The other $312 will be most likely moved to my personal savings.

My goal for the month of May is to do a lot of research and decide which stocks to re-invest the original $1,164.72.  Before I just picked stocks without researching and with out any basis on how I was picking.  Now I want to take my time and really learn as much as I can through this process.  But I'm giving myself a deadline to have the money re-invested or it will never get done.


  1. I hope you share with us your research. I too have been somewhat interested in investing in individual stocks, but never really got around to do the real research. Did a "gut feeling" investment on a company I trusted a lot and was lucky to get away with only half the paid value.

  2. Good for you for selling. Selling is the only way you realize a gain.