April 20, 2014

Happy Easter: Weekend Spending Recap

Happy Easter Everyone!

We've been having a great weekend with the kids.  This will be a colorful post, using lots of pastels for Easter.

Friday - Took the girls to Chuck E. Cheese and out to lunch at Friendly's. Saved $14 with coupons I received through email and paid for this outing with an extra check that I will be receiving on Friday.

Saturday - Took the girls to a chocolate store to see the Easter Bunny.  I splurged and used some of my own personal spending money to buy everyone a couple of their favorite chocolates to eat.  I picked out 3 sea salt milk chocolate caramels (amazing), Mr. R got 2 chocolate covered cherries, a chocolate pretzel and 2 pastel mints were Big R's choice and Little R chose a chocolate pretzel and a solid chocolate present.  Total spent: $7.50

Then we went to a local consignment shop to look for a pair of tennis shoes for Little R.  Hers are falling apart.  Mr. R has been watching for a pair at the thrift stores but hasn't found any in her size.  The consignment shop didn't have any either, but I did have $10.50 due to me for some clothes that have sold recently.

I took the $10.50 and went to kmart.  I also had a $25 gift certificate for kmart that I haven't used left over from my birthday.  Kmart had a whole bunch of clothing marked down to $1.99.  I bought myself 4 tops, Mr. R picked out a sweater, I bought the girls a large ball for $1.94 and Little R got a pair of shoes on sale for $12.99.  Total spent: $26.00 but since I used the gift certificate and consignment money, no money was spent out of our bank account.

Also made a quick stop at the dollar store for freezer bags and sandwich bags, spent $3 of the consignment money I received.

Next we went to Acme.  Some good deals were Pepsi 12 packs, 4 for $12. Spray Butter - $1.99 (bought 3), Scotties Tissues $.77 (bought 5), Pasta $.79 (bought 5).  Everything else I purchased was also on sale except the milk but we were completely out so I had to buy some.  Every once in a while, Acme will pass out kid dollars.  The coupons are worth $1 each.  They gave us 2 as we were standing in line yesterday.  Both girls got to pick out a candy bar at $.89 each.  The coupons take a dollar off the bill.  So we actually ended up saving an extra $.22 because of them and the cashier gave them back to me to use again next time we are shopping. Total Spent: $57.86, $11 out of personal spending (beer), $14 misc. money, and $33 grocery budget.  Leaving $33 left in the food budget until Friday.

Today - Mr. R took the girls to church while I stayed home.  I'm writing this, making a grocery list and debating if I should put food in the crock pot for tonight or do some baking now to reheat for dinner.

This afternoon, we are planning on taking the girls to the zoo.  It's going to be a beautiful day here in Ohio.  I have the $71 set aside to purchase a zoo membership and will probably take another $20 out of our misc. spending to purchase a discounted rides ticket.  The zoo has a carousel, train ride and petting zoo that has crackers available for purchase to feed the animals. They usually offer a $20 ticket, that can be used for 22 rides or crackers of the above.  

Well, that's about all for our weekend.  Have a great Easter Everyone!!!!!

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