April 21, 2014

Saved Over $67 on Our Camping Trip in June

In this previous post, I talked about planning for the cost of two trips we want to take this year.  The first trip is to take the girls camping for a weekend.  I had planned on going to the same campground that we did last year and my budget for the trip was $250 for everything including food. Here's the breakdown of camping expenses I had planned for:

  • $45 per night for a primitive site - includes hiking, swimming, fishing, game room, playground, hay ride and other planned activities based on weekend theme
  • $5 for 1/2 hour paddle boat rental x 2
  • $2.50 per person miniature golf (half price on Sunday)
  • Sunday morning pancake and sausage breakfast (not sure the price)
  • Last year they also had short pony rides for $1

Today, I saw a Groupon for 2 nights of camping at Clays Park for only $45!  The $45 includes use of the water park, kayaks, unlimited miniature golf, sand volleyball courts, indoor pool, fishing lake, and nature trails for hiking or biking.

So of course I bought the groupon right away.  We have to use it before the end of June.  As soon as Mr. R gets his schedule for June, I am going to book the first weekend he has off.

Since almost everything is included and we are getting a night free, we will be saving a lot of $.  At least $67, based on the costs above.  Plus, I used ebates to get 8% cash back and I put it on my Disney Rewards visa so I'll earn a whopping $.45 in rewards!  

I'm re-adjusting our camping budget to only spend $200 for the whole weekend.  $45 for the cost of the campsite and the rest of the money will go towards food, fire wood, and any extra expenses like ice cream from the camp store.


  1. Great deal! I've heard a lot about Groupon, but I havent really seen anything I'd like to partake. Sometimes they have coupons for Groupon itself, you should look out for those. It's like a discount on a groupon giftcard-like certificate. Very handy, so I've heard.

    1. I had a discount groupon last week. They usually send them when I haven't purchased in a while. But at the time there wasn't anything I wanted and it expired before this deal.