April 21, 2014

Groupon, Groupon, Groupon

I bought 4 Groupons today.  I really am good about not being tempted to buy through groupon or livingsocial just because there's a good deal.  I haven't bought a groupon in a really, really long time.  But once I started today, I just couldn't stop!

I already told you about how I saved over $67 on our June camping trip. That was the first groupon of the day.

Then, I saw a groupon for an eco-friendly oil change for only $19.99.  I've bought these before whenever they are available and we really like the place that offers them.  My van is due for an oil change soon, so it was perfect timing.

The last 2 groupons I bought were for subscriptions to a zoo magazine.  They have them for different age groups and were only $10 each.  I think Little R's is for 9 months, and Big R's will be for 6 months.  Big R is really into reading.  The other day she had a shark book that she read to me and then we discussed it for the next 2 or 3 days.  She was so excited about all the facts she learned from it. I know she'll love these.  Plus, the girls think it's exciting to get things in the mail.

And as always, I went through ebates first and earned 8% cash back on all my purchases plus used my Disney Rewards visa to pay for them so I earn rewards. It's not much but the Rewards seem to add up fast.

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