April 25, 2014

Friday Financials - Paid off student loans!

Today was a great Pay Day! Mr. R had some over time and I earned a little extra for some extra projects I worked on at work.  Here's how its being spent:

Number 1 most exciting thing EVER: Paid off remaining balance on student loans: $218.30!!!! I now own my MBA.  I feel like singing or throwing a party.  Must. Do. Something. To. Celebrate! Maybe I'll just pull out my degree and dust it off to admire it. :)  

I have 4 degrees and no more student loans... I'm tempted to take them all to work and decorate my cubicle with them. Think that might be a little show offish? Hmmm. My job doesn't even require a college education.  Most of us have them, but it's not in the job description.  Oh well.  
  • $50 of the extra money went to my credit card to pay the balance for our Chuck E. Cheese and Friendly's Lunch last weekend.
  • Completely paid off credit card - it was creeping up again.
  • Went to the grocery store yesterday.  I did a lot of cooking over the weekend to put off grocery shopping.  We had $33 left from last pay period and I spent $109 but bought a lot of groceries so we are good for a while. Mr. R spent another $6 at the store.  $113 left in the grocery budget until pay day 2 weeks away.
  • $25 of extra money is paying for our adult bowling pass through kids bowl free.
  • Added $20 each to Big R and Little R's savings accounts.
  • Used $45 of our Vacation Savings money to pay for our camping groupon.
  • Added $320 to savings:
    • $120 summer day camp
    • $40 vacation fund
    • $80 car fund
    • $80 emergency fund
New totals for 2014 challenge of saving $12,000
  • EF $1273
  • Car Fund $1273
  • Vacation Fund $1277
  • Still need to Save $8177 by the end of 2014


  1. Woot woot! CONGRATS! Great job!! Cant wait to join you on the no-student-loan debt boat!

  2. Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment!