April 14, 2014

Annoying Expensive Day

I had a dentist appointment.  Had a really tiny cavity.  Didn't even need to be numbed for them to fix it.  5 minutes of dental work =  $87 after insurance

My mom sent me home with leftovers from the Easter party yesterday: stuffed peppers and grilled hot dogs, plus we still have leftovers from Saturday - pulled pork, baked potatoes, baked veggies.  And I bought tons of produce on Saturday to make salads with and stir-fry from fresh veggies. So I told Mr. R tonight was leftover night since we had so much to use up.  But what did he do for dinner while I was at the dentist? Taco Bell.  Really?! I don't care that he spent the money to eat out as it would have come out of his personal spending money. But we have soooo much food to eat at home and I really don't want to throw anything out.  I'm going to start chopping up veggies and freezing them since I won't be able to make the stir-fry tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be another left over night.

And the most annoying: I have been trying to get my acne medication refilled for a week and a half.  I was out of refills so the pharmacy faxed my doctors office 3 times in the last week and a half.  I've made 4 phone calls to the doctors and 3 trips to the pharmacy.  The doctors office told me today, they sent it over on Friday.  At the pharmacy today, the pharmacist said they never received it. All they received was a phone call from my doctor's office questioning the prescription request because they said I didn't have a prescription for this acne medication.  I've been using it since September and that doctor prescribed it to me. So I don't know what their talking about.  So the pharmacist calls my doctors office but gets put on hold.  I have to go back to work so I told her I was stop back later for it.  She told me "no problem, I'll make sure to get it for you."

My husband just tried to pick it up and the pharmacy has no clue what he's talking about and are saying the doctor never called it in again. If the pharmacist couldn't get the prescription or if the doctor for some reason doesn't want to re-prescribe it, wouldn't it be nice if someone would bother to call me?  I am so furious.  And my skin is broken out like a teenager because I have been out of this medication for a week and a half.  What if it was something I really needed medically to survive.  I hate, hate, hate when people don't do their jobs and I have to babysit them to get them to do what they are supposed to.  I called the pharmacy and let them know I was not a happy camper and tomorrow my doctor's office will be hearing it.

Tomorrow I took the day off to volunteer at Little R's School and then I have the dreaded annual exam at my other doctor's office.  So if the pharmacy doesn't have my prescription by the morning, I will be going to the doctor's office and staying there until they either call it in or give me a reason why they haven't bothered to do so yet.

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  1. Oh, what a nightmare with the prescription side... I've only had 1 minor inconvenience when picking up prescriptions (I've only had to pick like 4 prescriptions in 2 years), so I cant imagine having to go around and call just for them to get it straight.