April 14, 2014

Annoying Expensive Day Continued

Forgot, our tenant's want a new refrigerator.  They mentioned buying one themselves which they shouldn't have to do.  I guess the seal isn't keeping it shut. I'm going to check out ways to fix this first.  Then research refrigerators.  If we can't fix it, I will offer to purchase one.  But since it is for a rental unit, it won't be a fancy one.  I'll also give them the option of purchasing their own if they want a fancy expensive refrigerator and they can just take it with them whenever they move.

1 comment:

  1. How about meeting halfway with the fridge? Offer them a "stipend" based on the fridge you would've gotten yourself, and if they want to get something fancier, they have to pay for anything above it, but you still own the fridge. Fixing the seal shouldn't be a huge deal, as you just need to purchase the edge rubber, but if the fridge is old, it may be worthwhile to just replace it entirely.