April 15, 2014

Good Deals, Somewhat Frugal Shopping Fun

I took today off to volunteer at Little R's School.  I had to bring snack and was running short on time so I stopped at a bakery that is right by my house to get donut holes but they were sold out.  This bakery is a bit pricey but very very good.  So my next decision was donuts or cookies.  The iced cookies are $1.50 each.  But, they had 7 iced cookies on a tray for 50 cents each.  I asked why they were marked down and was told they were baked on Sunday.  I purchased one to try it and it tasted great, wasn't hard or anything so I bought the other six cookies. Worked out perfect since there are exactly 6 children in Little R's class.
Total Spent - $5.00 for 7 cookies and a large coffee

Then I had a little over an hour to kill until I had to be back at the school to help out with art and an Easter egg hunt.  So I got caught up on phone calls I needed to make and ran down to Flower Factory to see what type of pool party stuff I could find.  The girls want to have a pool party for their big birthday party this year. I've been buying things on clearance for a few months now whenever I find a great deal and setting it aside for the party.
At Flower Factory, I talked myself out of buying an inflatable pool volleyball set that was $12.99.  Proud of myself for putting that one back.  I figure kids don't need too much to entertain themselves in the pool anyways.  But I did find some other great buys.

  • 50% Off Plastic Easter Eggs - The large egg packs only cost $.48 each and the smaller egg pack was $.75 (I usually borrow some from my mom and then return them to her.  She uses them over each year. But I figured a few extra wouldn't hurt this year and I can donate them to my mom's party for next year anyways.)
  • Water Balloons for the girls birthday party $1.40
  • Pair of white sandals for Little R $7.99 (this has been on my list of things to be on the look out for)
  • Disposable Razors $1.19
  • 2 large 3-d birthday cards $1.45 each
  • Disney Body Lotion, Shampoo and Body Wash - Either will go in Easter Basket or be set aside as a birthday gift for Big R - $1.35 each
  • Total Spent $20.62
After Helping out at Little R's school I had some more time to waste until my doctors appointment.  It turns out my acne prescription that I was having trouble getting filled was sent to Walgreens instead of Acme so I stopped in at Walgreens to pick it up and check out their clearance.  I found some great stuff there!
  • 2 packs of cookies on clearance for $.25 each (don't expire until July)
  • 2 Angry Birds Games, regularly $19.99, on clearance $4.87 each (1 is for Big R's birthday, the other will either be for my nephew's birthday or a friend's son.)
  • 3 tubes of cinnamon toothpaste $.90 each
  • 2 notebooks at $.59 each and the owl notebook $.89 (Big R's birthday)
  • 2 boxes spider man band aids - $1.05 each
  • Not Shown - 3 t-shirts for me $2.50 each (I've been looking for some simple t-shirts with a cute design on them to wear with jeans.)
  • Not Shown - 3 dozen eggs for $.99 each.
Total Spent $45.09

I got a lot only $65.  Most of it is things we will use around the house, 4 gifts out of the way, some food and snacks, and some clothing items that I've had on my "want/need" list for a while now.  Not bad!

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