April 13, 2014

Last Minute Fruit Tray

My mom throws a really awesome Easter party for all the grand kids every year complete with a huge Easter egg hunt.  I totally forgot that the party is today and that I had volunteered to bring a fruit tray.  Luckily I bought way more fruit than I usually do yesterday when I was at Aldi.

This is 1 lb. strawberries, 2 oranges, 3 McIntosh Apples and about a pound of grapes.   Hopefully its enough because that's all I could fit on the tray.

We still have oranges, apples, bananas, grapes and grapefruit for fresh fruit this week.  I must have subconsciously remembered that I was supposed to make a fruit tray today because I never buy that much fruit at one time.


  1. Now, I'm hungry!
    Have a great week!

  2. That looks great! Hope you brought along some toothpicks and yogurt dipping!