March 10, 2014

Sticking to the Meal Plan, How We Did last week

We did pretty good sticking to the plan this week.  I did have to throw some stuff away:  a little bit of mac and cheese, salsa, jalapeno hummus, 1 carrot.  My goal for the next week is to stick to the meal plan and try not to have any food waste. Here's how we did this past week.

Saturday - Use-it-up Leftover Buffet/Freezer Food Buffet - mashed potatoes, corn, pork & sauerkraut, bread sticks, chicknuggets and Mexiegg rolls - Check
Sunday - Beef Stroganoff - Check
Monday - Baked Fish, pasta, salad - Check
Tuesday - Tacos/Burritos (used 1 bag of frozen beans and used up all the hard taco shells that were left over from last week.) - Check
Wednesday - Left overs night - beef stroganoff, nachos/burritos, mac-n-cheese, carrots and hummus - Check
Thursday - Spicy Smoked Turkey Black Bean Soup (uses up 1 bag of smoked turkey and 1 bag of chicken stock from freezer) *New Recipe - Check
Friday - Left over Spicy Smoked Turkey Soup with corn dogs and fish (Weird combination but we were using up some of the stuff in the freezer.) - Check
Saturday - Breakfast Casserole, blueberry pancakes (uses up frozen pancakes and 1 bag of frozen ham) - Check
  • Pasta with frozen spaghetti sauce - this didn't get used so it will move to next week.
We did good.  We stuck to what we had and used up a lot from the freezer. Good thing too since it's packed again after my meat stock up on Friday.

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