March 23, 2014

I'm a lean mean baking machine!!

Mr. R took the girls to church.  I'm a heathen and slept in.  Since I have the house to myself I decided to do some baking so I don't have to buy any goodies this week.  And I had some apples that needed used up that weren't looking so hot. Plus this way I'm not wasting electric to heat the oven for 1 thing.

First, I made baked oatmeal with apples, raisins and brown sugar.  Big R loves this for breakfast and its so easy.

Then, I had bought 2 boxes of red velvet pancakes with cream cheese glaze on clearance for 50 cents each after valentines day from aldi.  I decided to try making cupcakes out of the batter instead and they turned out pretty good.  1 box made 10 cupcakes.  I only used 1 box so I still have another box to use for another day.

While I was using stuff up, I decided to try to make chocolate butter cookies using the recipe here.  I did make a few changes to the recipe using the whole egg instead of just the yolk, 5 tbsp cocoa powder (just to use it all up) and 1 tbsp of vanilla.  This are a little dry but I added the left over cream cheese glaze from the red velvet cup cakes so that helped some.

I wanted to make some strawberry muffins but I ran out of steam... and butter.


  1. It's ok to be a heathen....sleep is a good thing. The baked oatmeal with apples looks interesting. I usually cut up the apples that need to be used, add some cinnamon, brown sugar, butter, and oatmeal to it. We end up baking it in the oven and serving it as a dessert.

  2. Yes, you are :) Everything sounds delicious!