February 28, 2014

Lay Offs

I survived the second round of lay offs.

I've been wanting to buy a flute.  I found some on amazon for a little over $100. I've put off this purchase for over 2 weeks because of the rumours of lay offs. So I think this will be my celebration purchase.  I haven't played a flute in year and miss it.

We'll see.  Part of me is still a little worried.  What if they decide to do another round?

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  1. My work just laid off folks in upper management, with some having 30 plus years of experience in the system. They have laid off some support staff, and restructured some positions. It's scary and I hope that it doesn't come down to me. If your work decides to do another round of lay offs, I would hope it doesn't come back to you. If it does, I would sleep the first day at home, and then get a plan in order soon. It's a hard economy to not have some sort of idea about the future. I would sleep the first day, start getting my buns out in the community on day two and apply for any kind of nursing position available, regardless of hours, etc. In the mean time, I would keep all my pennies in the bank.