March 1, 2014

Saturday Financials and Grocery Shopping Update

I forgot to add in my big fat ebates check yesterday and I had a small commission check.  Added together I have another $50 to add to savings!

I gave Mr. R a list and some coupons last night.  He was running to Lowes which is right next to Giant Eagle.  He ran in and did really great at sticking to the list I gave him. These were some of the best deals:

  • Gushers 4 boxes for $4 (I'm tempted to go buy more.  I absolutely love gushers.  Problem is I have no will power so I'd probably eat all of them in two days anyways)
  • bugles/chex mix: 2 bags for $1.67
  • 2 Dole Shakers - 88 cents each (thought these would be fun to try)
  • V8 Fusion - $1.50
  • Gorton Fish Sticks - $1.50
Total Savings: $21.19, Total Spent: $29.11 (42% Savings!!)

$170 Left in the Grocery budget until March 14.

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