February 7, 2014

Cutting back on Valentine's Gifts

These were the gifts that I bought for the girls for Valentines:

Big R:

  • large chocolate bear
  • chocolate coins 
  • an owl necklace  
  • large pad of drawing paper 
  • 2 early reader books: a level 2 and a level 3 
Total Spent: $6.50

Little R:

  • large chocolate bear
  • chocolate coins 
  • large pad of drawing paper
  • large Disney princess dry erase number and letter learning book 
Total Spent: $8.03.

After thinking about it some, I've decided to only give each of the girls their chocolates and drawing pad for Valentine's Day.

The books and necklace will be saved for their easter baskets.  Even though I didn't spend a lot, I don't want the girls to get used to getting 5 or 6 gifts for Valentine's day.  Right now they are at the age where I can find great deals on stuff for them inexpensively but once their older, they don't need to be used to quite so many gifts.

This brings my spending on each of their gifts down to a little under $4.50 each.

In other Valentine's New: Remember the giant wine glass I bought for Mr. R for valentine's Day?  If not, here's a picture:

Yesterday at Acme I saw giant jugs of wine.  The jug holds 4L of wine!
I thought it would be funny to give Mr. R both for his gift.  I bought the wine for $17 + tax, bringing the total for his Valentine's gift up to around $33.  That's actually a bit more expensive than we usually spend on gifts for this holiday.  It's a fun holiday but we really don't go all out for it.  I figure I'll be drinking some of that wine though so it's all good.  :)

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