February 7, 2014

Friday Financials

Today isn't a payday so not very much excitement financially going on here:

  • Received a $58 bill for some bloodwork Mr. R had done back in November. I think this is the same bill I received a month or 2 ago but they hadn't billed our insurance.  Looks like the insurance either hasn't paid yet or it's getting applied to our deductible.  I really don't know and don't know how people can stay on top of all the insurance crap so I paid it.
  • Deposited the rent check yesterday, here's how it's getting spent:
    • Mortgage $312
    • Water Bill $50
    • Home Repair Fund $100 (This fund is up to $800 now, Yay! It will continue to grow every month.  I don't have a goal here but it's for any repairs needed on either of the condo's so the more the better.)
    • Condo Fee $110
    • Bumper Bowling League - $60
    • Vacation Fund - $44
    • Repaying My Savings - $75 (This is repaying money that we took out of personal savings for the down payment of the rental condo.)  
    • Repaying Mr. R's Savings - $75
I've barely been spending any of my personal money.  I've been doing a lot better at not buying food or drinks at work.  I get $100 every 2 weeks for personal spending and have been able to put a lot of it away to my personal savings account.  I'm thinking a spa day will be coming up in March with one of my friends so I'll save for that.  I could really use a pedicure and a massage.


  1. IF it's a bill for last Nov., shouldn't your deductible have been satisfied by then? I wouldn't have paid it until speaking to CS at your insurance co.
    And you just have no idea about keeping on top of medical claims/insurance crap! lol
    I have had a crash course in dealing with all this since my medical crisis last April. Even more FUN *rolling eyes* is having to coordinate payment/supplying of ongoing durable medical goods when you change insurance carriers and THEY make you change DME companies. Oh, am I having a GOOD TIME over this! So good I am about foaming at the mouth...... lolz

    1. I probably should have made some phone calls but in all likelihood Mr. R probably still had some deductible left. Besides a routine appointment and his normal ongoing meds he had an uneventful year medically. Which is great!