January 4, 2014

What?! I spent $54 at the Dollar Tree?! Oops.

Big Ripples' Plane Toys
Stopped at the Dollar Tree and the girls picked out new toys for the plane ride. They each had some Christmas money to use.  Big R picked out 5 things for the plane and 2 toys that I told her she could have today.  Little R picked out 4 for the plane and 2 for today.

I also found my little pony glitter tattoo valentines that Big R wanted for school. She picked out Hot Wheel Valentines for the boys and dum dum suckers to tape to all of them.  Only $3 total and there are enough for both girls to take to school.
Little Ripples' Plane Toys

I also bought a lot of cleaning supplies and health and beauty items for home and lots of batteries.  We haven't opened some of the girls Christmas gifts yet because we didn't have enough batteries for all the new toys.  Some will be set aside for our trip: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, tooth paste.

Snacks and cereal for at home:
Those boxes of cereal are full size boxes of Greek Yogurt Honey Bunches of Oats.  1 expires Feb. 21, the other doesn't expire til August.

Snacks for our trip:

The only snack items that I still need to buy for our trip are dried cherries, honey roasted peanuts, and a box of different flavored oatmeal packets. Big R loves oatmeal and the packets are really convenient when traveling.  I also want to make some home made beef jerky in the dehydrator to take. The honey roasted peanuts and beef jerky are two things that Mr. R really likes.

I will pack these two gallon sized bags of snacks.  One in my carry on bag and one will be packed in my suitcase.  Everyone always thinks I over pack on food, but I can guarantee both bags of food will be almost gone by the time we get home.  Every day we leave the resort, I'll grab a few different snacks to take with us.  Saves us tons of money not buying snacks at the amusement parks, convenience stores or vending machines.

I spent a total of $54!!!!  But it breaks down like this:

  • $7 Big R. Christmas Money
  • $6 Little R. Christmas Money
  • $14 Food Budget
  • $27 "extra" spending money
This leaves $180 left in the grocery budget and $173 left in the extra spending budget.

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