January 4, 2014

Disney Rewards Balance Final Update

We just got our final amount of Reward $'s that we will get before the trip.  I transferred them over to our reward card.  We ended up with a grand total of: $392.62!

I've never paid any money to have the Disney Rewards Visa Card and I've never paid any interest on the card.

  $674 (Tickets for 2 Days at Disneyland for 2 adults and 2 children)
- $392.62 (Disney Rewards)
= $281.38 (Cash out of pocket for Disneyland Tickets!)

We had saved $300 for Disney.  I'm going to keep the extra $18.62 set aside for this vacation just in case we need it.


  1. Good job!
    I don't get this whole culture's Disneymania but that's just me....
    Have a great time for your girls on your vacation. 8-)

    1. Thanks! It amazes me how expensive it is to go to Disney. They just raise the price every year and people keep on going. But, hey, I'm one of those people. Growing up my mom took us to Disney World almost every year. I remember going on all the different rides like Splash Mountain and the haunted mansion, two of my favorite. So I love to be able to take my girls.

  2. Nice!!! We just went to Disneyland with the kiddos in the fall, and they had a blast. I'm one of those people too :) But it's just soo expensive!!