January 4, 2014

Review: Insulating with window film - Easy to use, but not child proof

We've been putting this off and finally got around to doing this on Thursday evening.  It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  We are soooo not diy people.  I don't remember how much Mr. R paid for this but I found it on Amazon for just over $9.  I'm sure we paid a little more at Lowe's or Home Depot.

Here's the nice big gap where our sliding glass door doesn't close all the way.  (I didn't notice quite how dirty the door frame looked until I looked at this picture.  Oh well, it's sealed now.  What can I do...)  That's the double sided tape used for applying the window film going down along the right hand side of the picture.

And here's what the door looks like with the film over it.  It only took about 10 - 15 minutes to apply.  And we usually keep the curtains closed most of the time anyways, at least I do.  Don't want people peaking at me walking around in my booty shorts and tank top (which are my preferable lounge wear.)

The picture didn't come out good because I was getting lots of reflection from the living room light and computer.    We might need to trim the left side, I can see some of the plastic peaking out from around the curtain.  I'm very interested to see if this helps our electric bill go down any.  

*** Update: Not more than 2 hours after putting the window film up, Big Ripples was galloping around the house pretending to be a horse and ran into it.  She didn't hit the window, so she didn't get hurt, but she put her foot into the plastic and it ripped the seal from the tape.  Mr. R added extra tape along the floor to try to secure it.  But I always push the stick in the door down with my foot to make sure it's secure and without thinking I did it and messed up the film, again.  So not only is it not kid proof, its not Mrs. Ripples proof either.

Mr. R took the film down this morning and cut up an old towel.  He stuck the towel in the crack and shut the door tight on it.  Then he used clear packing tape to put over it to try to seal it.  Not sure how well this will work, I guess we'll see. It doesn't seem to be as cold by the door as it was.  The curtains cover up the towel on the inside of the door.  I imagine it probably looks funny from the outside though.

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