January 3, 2014

January Grocery Budget and Miscellaneous Spending Update

To keep me honest and on track, I'm going to keep track of our $400 monthly grocery budget and our $250 miscellaneous spending budget.  I ran into Acme today because we were completely out of dishwashing detergent.  So I picked up a few things they had on sale so I won't need to go back this weekend.

I spent:
  • $25 "extra" money - 60 pack of cascade dishwashing paks, 4 deoderants and 2 boxes of tissues, hair gel.  (I used a 50 cents off coupon for the dishwasher paks, it was still expensive though.  I need to remember to have my mom pick some of these up for me at Sam's club.  They have them for much cheaper.)
  • $6 Grocery Budget - 6 yoplait yogurts, bananas, Fat Free cheese slices
Remaining Money for January - 
  • $200 - Extra Money
  • $194 - Groceries
We got another Free Ham from Mr. R's work.  Someone never claimed their Christmas Ham so he brought it home.

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