January 15, 2014

Pre-Vacation Traditions

It never fails that a couple days before vacation one of the girls is sick. Little R has the stomach flu again.  She's miserable and can't keep anything down. I got so much cleaning done last night to try to make things easier on Mr. R since he has to work so much this week.

Now we have about 3 loads of laundry and almost no pillows, blankets or towels left clean.  But Little R has gotten lots of practice on knowing the signs and making it in the trash can.

My house just felt so yucky.  I just spent an hour an a half scrubbing bathrooms, cleaning and sweeping the bedrooms, and cleaning the kitchen.  Oh and doing lots of laundry.

So Pre-vacation tradition #1 - last minute sickness.
Pre-vacation tradition #2 - major appliance break down.  This usually happens the night before we leave.  Crossing  my fingers and knocking on wood that this will not happen again this year.

I also did lots of baking tonight.  I had bought way too much produce and their was no way we'd use it.  So I made an apple streusel for dessert tonight that used 6 apples and it's almost all gone now.  I also made banana raisin muffins most of which will be put in the freezer for later.  And we have lots of sour cream so I baked some potatoes for lunch and dinner the next couple of days.

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