January 16, 2014

Friday Financials - A day early

  • Used 80 cents off per gallon in fuel perks.  Filled up my van for a little over $40.  We had $10 left in our gas budget that will be moved to savings.
  • Lost track of our Extra Expense Budget.  It just kept adding up with 2 oil changes, a $68 prescription, plus Mr. R hasn't gotten his prescriptions yet and part of it was my fault doing a little extra shopping for stuff for the trip and things to put away as gifts.  Setting an extra $100 out of this pay check for extra expenses.
  • Paid $210 on my student loans.  I haven't made a payment since we bought the investment property.  I'm so far paid ahead I didn't need to and wanted to get some money back in savings.  But now I want this loan paid off, Now!
  • February Day Care bill is under budget so I'm going to set $100 aside for Summer Day care.  My plan is that whenever there's left over money in the day care budget, set some of it aside for the higher daycare in the summer when we have 2 kids in day care.
  • Put $20 in each of the girls savings accounts.  This is another thing I haven't done since we bought the investment property.  Since I'm still paying off my student loans, I don't save much for them yet.  But I like to at least feel like I'm saving something.
  • Taking $500 out of savings for vacation expenses:
    • Pay off credit card for the $300 in Disney gift cards for park tickets
    • $100 for Mr. R and I each to have in cash.  We use the credit card for pretty much everything on vacation and only carry $100 each in cash.  I like to have some cash in case we need it but don't like to carry a lot.
  • As far as savings:
    • Added $80 to car fund = $310
    • Added $153 to next vacation fund = $310
    • Added $97 to EF = $310
    • Total savings towards my goal of saving $12000 in 2014 = $930! Only $11070 left to go!

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  1. You are doing great. Over $900. is a lot of money.