January 15, 2014

I hate prescription deductibles, Over spent our "extra" money

I always forget about that coming up in January.  We have $250 extra money per month for whatever it is needed for.  Prescriptions, gifts, stuff we need for the house, etc all fall into this category.  I way over spent this month.

Yesterday, I filled my prescription for Duoc.  It's a skin cream for Acne.  I get the really painful big deep under the skin pimples and this is the only thing that has ever really kept my face clear.  The cream is only good for 2 months and I can tell when it expires because I'll start to break out.

Normally, depending on the pharmacy, my prescription is between $28 - $34. Yesterday, it was $68.  Luckily our prescription deductibles are only $50 per person.

I also got an oil change for my van and Mr. R got one for his car.  I debated if this should come out of our extra money or our new car/car repair fund.  But for now, I'm keeping it in the extra category.

I got the bill for day care in January and it was only $400.  I budget for $685, so that extra money will help to pay for some of these extra expenses.


  1. hey, have you asked your doctor for samples? or coupons?? if your doctor doesn't have any coupons, you might be able to go to the manufacturers website and get coupon info. Usually all the pharmacy will need is the bin#, pcn#, id#, and group#. also, your pharmacy MAY be willing to (back)bill a coupon as secondary insurance even for the fill you picked up yesterday. i worked in pharmacy for 20 years - we usually gave up to 7 days for adjustments. just a thought...

    1. Good Idea. I'll have to check. I'm going to check if I can get a smaller tube of the lotion too. It's only good for two months and I barely use half the tube in that time.