December 1, 2013

Sometimes I can be one lazy momma - weekend review

Friday Evening we did pretty much nothing.  I played a game on the computer through iWin and then read a book.

Saturday We went to my mom's house for Thanksgiving Lunch.  I had planned on making my loaded mashed potatoes but my mom told me not to bother with them.  My step-dad had been sick and in the hospital a few days before Thanksgiving so to make it easier on everyone, my mom went to GFS and bought mostly prepared foods that she just had to pop in the oven.  Everything ended up tasting really great and there wasn't a lot of dishes to clean up.  Then my mom kept my girls the rest of the day and overnight.

Mr. Ripples and I did a little Christmas shopping/grocery shopping.  My mom sent us home with plenty of leftovers so I didn't have to cook dinner.  We spent the evening watching some How I Met Your Mother on Netflix.

Sunday  Mr. Ripples took the girls to church this morning.  Then they are running some errands, including grocery shopping at Aldi, and hanging out at the in-laws to visit with a nephew that's in town.  And what am I doing?  Taking a nap, playing around on the computer and being lazy.  Works for me!

I was really really hungry for some veggies though since we've been eating so much rich stuff lately with the holiday dinners.  I almost ordered a pizza from Marcos just so I could order one of their big family size salads.  To get them to deliver, I have to spend over $10.  I figured the pizza could be for dinner.  But I resisted the urge and found 2 bags of frozen stir fry veggies in the freezer.  I made some honey teriyaki sauce and shredded up the last bit of leftover turkey.  A nice healthy lunch that didn't cost me anything extra since we had everything on hand.  Plus it made a lot, so it will likely be dinner also.

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