December 1, 2013

Oh, that's why I continue to shop at Kmart...

So I've been sitting at home all day today which is dangerous because I've been doing lots of online shopping.  Kmart already has their Cyber Monday Deals up and some really great discounts plus 6% cash back from ebates... I couldn't help myself.

For Mr. Ripples' I picked up two extra Christmas gifts: a pair of blue ear buds for $1.99 (originally $9.99) and a pair of slippers (he just added to his Christmas List yesterday) for $3.60.

For my nephew I bought him a pair of pajama pants on sale for $9.99 and a hoodie on sale for $13.19, both of which his mom said he needed.

Big Ripples needed a dress for a Christmas Concert she is in at church.  I got her a really cute Christmas dress and tights for a total of $14.43.

I found some other great gifts also really reasonably priced that I will post about later.  This is why I still shop at Kmart:

Merchandise Subtotal:
Estimated Pre-Tax Total
Sales Tax
Total Savings
$58.71  - This order included 7 gifts, Christmas dress for Big Ripples & ice packs for Big Ripples lunches.

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  1. Though I don't normally shop at K-mart, my half brother asked for a Pyrex set for Christmas, and K-mart had the 18 set with colored lids for $17. Shipped, it came to $22. Can't beat it!