December 1, 2013

Acme Grocery Deals this Weekend

Acme had some great deals this weekend.  They had Lean Pockets for $1.38 per box, the cheapest I've ever seen them.  My husband LOVES Lean Pockets.  I also had $2.75 in coupons if I purchased 10 boxes which happened to be the limit on the sale anyways. So ten boxes of Lean Pockets, only $11.05 or $1.11 per box.  I told Mr. Ripples that if he eats them all in 1 week I will not buy anymore for two months.  When I say he LOVES them, I mean whenever I stock up like this, that's pretty much all he eats for every meal that I don't cook for him.

They also had gushers and fruit snacks for $1.77.  I am a big fan of gushers but don't usually buy them because they only come with 6 packs in a box and even when they are on sale, they're still usually around $2.50.  So I bought a box since they were so cheap and a box of dora fruit snacks that the girls will think are fun.

I also had a register coupon for a free pack of Idahoan instant mashed potatoes.

Well that was all of my grocery shopping excitement.  I was too lazy to make a good meal plan and shopping list this week.  Mr. Ripples is hitting Aldi with the kids today so it will be interesting to see what he brings home and if we stay in the grocery budget.


  1. Oh wow, that IS a good price for those. I normally try to buy them so I can have something to eat when going from Work 1 to Work 2, since I don't get a dinner break in between. Regretfully, I went to Acme yesterday and did not see that deal (I did look at the Hot Pocket section), but saw them at $2.47/ea. Great deal with the coupons!

  2. Yeah it was only a 2 day sale, Saturday and Sunday.