December 4, 2013

Health Insurance Premiums

It's sad that I've been anxiously awaiting for our HR department to let us know what's going on next year with our insurance.  They finally sent out an email today.

Our health insurance premium is being raised from $165 per month to $214 per month.  I didn't see any mention of dental insurance so hopefully that is staying the same.

I'm bummed that an extra $49 per month will be taken out of my pay check but I'm glad that it wasn't worse than that.  We still have pretty good coverage and with all the prescriptions that my husband and I are on, we're pretty lucky.

My husband's work offers coverage but they don't help pay for anyone except the employee.  Our family of four would cost over $1150 and that rate was from a couple years ago so I'm sure its more now.  Compared to that, paying $214 per month looks pretty darn good.

1 comment:

  1. I'm surprised that they didn't get this information out to you before today. I guess its good that your premiums aren't going up too much.