December 2, 2013

Budget Friendly Gift Idea - Under $10

I've been struggling with what to get 2 of my grandma's and 1 of my aunts.  I don't see my aunt a lot so I don't really know what she likes or could use, but she might be at my mom's for Christmas so I want to get her something. 

I was at the dollar store and found some really nice smelling hand soaps similar to the kinds they sell at Bath and Body Works.  I bought 3 different kinds for each of my Grandmas and my Aunt.  Then I found these nice winter hand towels at Kmart:

 I bought this same set for both my Grandma and Aunt on my dad's side.  The set of two towels was on sale for $4.50.

With the soaps this gift total was $7.50 per person.

This set of towels I bought for my Grandma on my mom's side.  The set of 3 towels was $5.84 plus $3 for the soaps for a total of $8.84.

I stayed away from Christmas towels and stuck to a winter theme so they can still use them after the holiday.  I love when I find a great gift for a great price and know it is something they can actually use.

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