December 2, 2013

iWin - Fun and Inexpensive Entertainment

I have a membership to iWin.  It's a website that sells computer games.  I pay $6.99 per month for a membership.  But the really great thing is that iWin lets me pause my membership every other month which I try to remember to do, so I really only pay $6.99 every other month.

Whether I've paid my $6.99 in a particular month or not, I can still download any game I want for a 60 minute free trial.  For each month that I pay the $6.99 member ship fee, I get 1,000 icoins, which is the amount that most games cost.

Sometimes I'm in the mood to play a lot of games, like this month.  I've already bought 3 with icoins that I've accumulated.  But for the past 3 or 4 months I haven't bought any.  To get more for my money, I download games from the steals and deals section first.  These games are usually only 500 icoins (50% off).  Also each month a completely free game is offered that if it sounds like something I might like I "purchase" it since its free.

If a game is easy enough, I let Big Ripples play with me.  And I've even found a couple games that she was able to play by herself that I downloaded for her.

If I remember to pause the billing every other month, I end up paying a total of $41.94 per year, $6.99 every other month.  Compared to a lot of other computer games out there and other types of video games, that's pretty cheap.  And it comes out of my personal spending money, not our monthly budget.

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