November 3, 2013

Weekend Review - Lazy Me

Usually when Mr. Ripples is off for the weekend, we do a lot.  Not this weekend.  I haven't left the house since I went to the grocery store after dinner Friday evening.  I took long naps with Little Ripples both days and stayed up late watching Walking Dead with Mr. Ripples each night.  I read 2 books and rode about 3 hours on my stationary bike.

On Saturday we skipped bowling league because everyone was still asleep and its such a rare occurrence for the girls to sleep in I figured I wasn't about to wake them up.  Big Ripples had a play date with a friend Saturday afternoon.  I got out the art supply box and let them go to town painting.  It's a rare occurrence since it usually ends up in a big mess.

Mr. Ripples took Little Ripples to Chuck E. Cheese to get her out of the house some on Saturday.  I donated $5 of my personal money for Little Ripples to play games.  And then on Sunday, he took Big Ripples to a movie using 2 free passes he had.

I did some Christmas Shopping online.  Kmart's website is annoying.  I had a coupon code that I got in the mail and a few I found online and I couldn't get any to work.  But seeing as I spent about 2 hours shopping on their site, I purchased everything anyways.  I'll get free shipping and most of the things I bought were on sale anyways, plus I used ebates.  I realized the movie I purchased for Mr. Ripples, I already bought a few weeks ago at Best Buy.  I'll have to try to cancel it or return it when it gets here.  It's a pre-order so I won't be receiving either one for a few weeks yet.

I'm done shopping for Mr. Ripple's and Big Ripples.  I actually came in under budget for both, $5 for Big Ripples and $40 under budget for Mr. Ripples.  Now the challenge is not to buy anything else for them so I can stay under budget.  I just have to get Little Ripples to decide what she wants from Santa and then I'll be done with her as well.  I have almost $60 left set aside for her gift so I figure I'll be under budget there too.

Our computer has been acting up so I'll need to do some clean up and run a virus check.  And I plan on working on our 2014 budget some tonight before more Walking Dead.

I hope everybody had a great weekend!

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