November 19, 2013

Kmart is So Frustrating, Why Do I keep Shopping There?

I'm a nice quiet girl... usually.  Unless I get really mad.  Unfortunately today was one of those days.  Although I do think I held it together pretty good. I didn't scream and stomp my feet like I wanted or slam anything so that's making progress.  Oh and I stopped myself from cussing or saying anything too mean.  Really I do deserve a treat for how well I held it together.

I had ordered a movie online from Kmart and then decided to return it.  (I had accidentally pre-ordered the same movie from 2 different stores).  So the movie that I ordered from Kmart, came in an envelope with the return address from Sears.  Well, I had to stop at Kmart anyways to pick up another order that I had shipped to the store so at the same time I was going to return the movie.

Customer Service Lady told me they couldn't take the movie back because it was shipped from Sears.  Umm, Really?!  I purchased it from Kmart.  If I wanted to do business with Sears, I would have bought it from Sears.  I didn't have time to fight traffic and run across town to go to the mall this time of year.  It was out of my way, I never bought the movie from Sears anyways so I shouldn't have to.  I can't help it Sears fulfilled my order. Kmart should take the return since they were the ones I purchased it from.

The Customer Service lady justified this policy by saying they sent it from Sears to get it to me quicker but her register wouldn't let her take back something shipped from Sears and there really isn't anything she can do.

No.  Sorry.  Not accepting that.  I told her to get my other order that I was picking up and refund it because there was no way I was wasting anymore money with this stupid company. 

Long story shortish, I finally got her to take the movie as a return as if I was returning it without a receipt.  I mean really, they sell the darn thing, why can't they take it back?  But because she had to ring it up without a receipt, I had to take the lowest price that it sold for recently and I could only have my refund as store credit. At this point I was defeated.  I only lost about 75 cents by taking the lower amount as apposed to getting the full refund and I ended up finding a coat for the little girl on my Adopt a Family list so I was able to use the store credit right away.

But I'm still grumpy about it.

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  1. Kmart makes me grumpy also. When my sister had my niece last year I ordered her coach shipped to the store. First they couldn't find it, then they found it and there was a big slash in the box so I made them open it to check it, yup it had sliced the material. Then they didn't want to refund it. I swear I was getting ready to strangle someone. Finally a manager refunded everything and I went and purchased it at Target where I should have gone in the first place