November 11, 2013

I put myself out there and it paid off!

At work, I manage projects.  A few weeks back I wrote about having asked if I could take on a different type of assignment and help out on the creative end. One of my good friends does this at work and I knew she was getting really busy and could use some help.  I asked if I could try creating one on my own and when I didn't hear back right away, I took it as a sign that the higher ups didn't think I could handle it.  I felt stupid and embarrassed for even asking.

Well, of course, I over reacted.  They gave me a chance and I completed my first of these assignments and it actually did pretty well.  Then last week, I was officially asked if I would like to start working on some more of these type of assignments.  I'm still doing my regular job but when I can, I'm fitting the new assignments in also.  I actually think they are more fun to work on but its probably just because its new to me to be working on the creative end of things. Plus these assignments have the potential to earn commissions which I don't usually earn with my regular work.

My boss told me that if it gets to be too much she'll assign some of my normal work to someone else on our team so that I can continue taking on the creative assignments as well.

I'm glad that I that I put myself out there and I am really enjoying my work. Today went so fast, I couldn't believe when it was time to leave at 5.

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  1. Very nice! This time of the year is really cramped for me, though I still find it exciting in all the chaos and mayhem. Looking forward to the season, but also can't wait till it's over. I rarely take breaks or rest, and the stress can get to me, but other than that, it's always fun to go outside the regular job duties.