November 15, 2013

Friday Financials November 15th

  • Received bill for December Day Care- ONLY $305 due to holidays and no school days.  Woohoo!  This doesn't come out of the account until next payday (a week away)  but I had $685 set aside.  I'm going to wait till payday to decide what to do with the extra money but likely I'll split it between paying of my car repair from a couple weeks ago and saving towards our vacation.

  • Went to Acme yesterday and spent $46 leaving me only $29 for the rest of the week until payday.  We have lots of food for now, I just don't know if I can shop at Aldi this weekend and only spend $29.  I'll try to think really hard about what we need and what goes on the grocery list. Then I'll have to try to stick it.

  • My work adopts a couple families for Christmas every year.  I always put the word out in my department that I'll collect money if people want to donate but don't want to do the shopping.  I usually get a good response of people that only want to throw $5 or $10 in instead of taking a tag and committing to actually having to go shopping and purchase something.  I'm really surprised this year, no one has donated.  I'm trying to keep my personal Christmas shopping in check so that I have excess money from our Christmas Budget to use for donations.

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  1. That's kind of neat you collect money for those who don't want to shop. I do set a different budget for these things, since I usually go a little generous in the previous years.