October 20, 2013

Shoe Shopping Deals

I really needed some new shoes for work.  I wear 3 pairs of flats almost everyday at work.  2 of the pairs were starting to tear on the bottom.  I realized that my absolute favorite pair had a hole in the bottom when I started feeling water seeping through to my foot on a rainy day last week.  And my favorite pair of black heels are really beat up.  I was going to pick some shoes out for Mr. Ripples to buy me for my birthday/Christmas but I don't think I'll be able to wait that long.

So when I received an email with a coupon Code for an extra 30% off at Payless, I had to take a look.  Most of the shoes I picked out were already on sale plus I got the extra 30% off.  I bought 3 pairs for myself, a pair for each of the girls since their shoes are looking really beat up, and a pair of shoes for Mr. Ripples for work that are going to be a Christmas gift.

Item(s) summaryQuantityPriceTotal
LOW WW BLK ALLIE MJ-S_8.5Women's Allie Mary Jane
Lower East Side
Lot # 134878
Color: Black
Size: Womens 8.5 Wide
1 Reg. $19.99
SALE $16.99
AEW WW BLK KIMMIE MARYJANE PMP-S_8.5Women's Kimmie Mary Jane Pump
American Eagle
Lot # 086874
Color: Black
Size: Womens 8.5 Wide
1 $24.99
AEW PR COGNAC KIMMIE MJ PMP-S_8.5Women's Kimmie Mary Jane Pump
American Eagle
Lot # 098241
Color: Cognac
Size: Womens 8.5 Regular
1 $24.99
SMF TOD LILLY II TRACK WHT_9.5Girls' Toddler Lilly Track
Lot # 098465
Color: White
Size: Girls 9.5 Regular
1 $12.99
AWK HOLLY SKATE LACES_13.0Girls' Holly Skate
Lot # 133996
Color: Black
Size: Girls 13.0 Regular
1 Reg. $26.99
SALE $13.00
CTR WW EXCEL BLK/SILVER_11.5Men's Excel Runner
Cross Trekkers
Lot # 129290
Color: Black/Silver
Size: Mens 11.5 Wide
1 Reg. $24.99
SALE $19.99
Shipping method
Standard Delivery (5-10 Days)
Less promotional discounts:−$33.88
Shipping and handling:
Total charges:$84.80
Not too bad for 6 pairs of shoes!  
Plus I will get 5% cash back through ebates!
Here's the coupon code if anyone needs to do some shoe shopping: 251409104

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  1. Wow, talk about coincidences. Are you sure you're not peeking through the corner? My one pair of work shoes for my part time job developed a slit on the bottom, and every time I walk through water, it's just sucking it up onto my feet. On both shoes! The soles and everything still works fine, but I need to replace them, or at least get another pair to use when it's wet outside. I'll go check Payless. The top shoes look really cute. Thanks for sharing the code!