October 31, 2013

November Goals

I've been slacking on goals lately and feel like life is getting away from me.  I need some focus.  So here are my November Goals:

1. Finish Christmas Shopping and come in under budget.
2. Save $550 towards our January Vacation - I've already estimated that I should be able to save a little over $400 but with probably close to $300 of dental bills soon to be coming in the mail, I need to stay focused and find ways to save as much as possible and pay the bills.  $550 might be a stretch but it'll feel great if I can do it.
3. Try 6 new recipes.  I've really been slacking on my meal planning and trying new recipes.  I love to cook but lately haven't been inspired.  Time to find some new easy healthy cheap recipes.  I don't ask for much do I?

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