October 30, 2013

The continuing toothache drama

Little Ripples chewed up her lip pretty bad when it was numb yesterday.  It was so swollen today and white looking.  There's a chunk out of the inside of her cheek.  She must have really bit into it when she was numb and couldn't feel it.  Nobody noticed her doing it.  I feel like such a horrible mom.  My husband dropped Little Ripples off with my step-father yesterday afternoon.  He had to get some sleep since he works the night shift and I've already missed so much work this week.  I don't know if I would have been able to tell that she was gnawing at her lip but I feel guilty that I wasn't there to notice it.  My step dad said she was picking at her lip, which she does have a tendency to do when her lips are dry.  But he didn't see her biting it.  Who knows, she could have done it when she was in the car when she left the dentists office. 

The swelling has finally started going down.  She was able to eat a hot dog and some strawberries which is more than she ate over the last few days besides yogurt or smoothies.  I'm glad she's started to feel better and after 3 missed days of preschool/day care, she'll be back just in time for the Halloween party tomorrow and trick or treating at school.

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