November 1, 2013

Friday Financials

Is it sad that I look forward to the start of the month so I get the electric and water bills?  Those bills fluctuate and I'm always excited to see if they are less than I budgeted for.

Electric Bill - $174, Budgeted $200; extra $26 will be moved to our vacation fund

Transferred a prescription to the grocery store where I shop and received a $20 grocery card.  But the prescription cost me $33 instead of the $27 I used to pay at Walgreen's so I will probably be transferring it back.

We have $83 of our monthly "extra" money to last us until pay day which is next Friday.  I have some friends that lost a relative recently and would like to make a donation to the family.  I have to decide how much to give.

We should be getting the check from our tenants today or tomorrow. They've been consistently paying by the 2nd of each month.  Here's how I will divide up the income after paying the mortgage, condo fee and water bill. 
  • Home Repair Fund - $75 (this will bring the total to $550 in our repair fund.)
  • Car Insurance $196
  • Vacation Fund $82

I've been thinking about coming up with a better way to budget for next year.  I don't tend to have a category in the budget for vacations, new cars/car repairs, etc.  I tend to just plan a trip or get the car fixed and figure out how to cover the expense with extra money.  I want to find a way to work these into the budget.

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