October 11, 2013


Today's the day Mr. Ripples and I are going to Pittsburgh to see Pearl Jam.   I told Mr. Ripples my plan about just taking subs from subway with us for dinner and hanging out in the hotel room, he surprised me by saying we should just buy the stuff to make the subs and save the money. 

I have a doctor's appointment this morning and then will be heading to Aldi to get all the fixin's to make some yummy subs.  Plus some other snacks that we don't normally buy.  I plan on packing a small cooler with food and drinks.  I'll spend more than the $10 we would have spent at subway but then we'll have lots of extras for after the concert snacking.

Mr. Ripples is looking forward to the concert.  I'm looking forward to the really sweet hotel.  We are planning to be there right at the 3 pm check in.  I just love chilling out in hotels.  It forces me to relax because there really isn't anything for me to do but to relax, read a book, or watch some tv that we never seem to have the time to do at home.

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