October 12, 2013

Pittsburgh Review and Budget Updates

We had a great time in Pittsburgh!  We got to the hotel right at 3pm.  I really hate big cities and the busy confusing traffic.  There was barely room to pull over at the hotel because so many cars trying to either pull up at the hotel or just drive on the road.   Mr. Ripples was able to find a space to pull over and I hopped out to find out where we needed to go since there wasn't a visible parking lot.  A guy asked if I needed help with luggage.  "Uhhhh, Sure.  Where do we park?"  Turns out to self park in a parking garage somewhere is $14 for the night, to valet is $29 for the night!  I hate when hotel's charge for parking.  We paid $200 to stay there and we couldn't park our car for free?! It was so confusing and there was so much traffic, I told Mr. Ripples we should just use the valet. 

The hotel was amazing.  It was huge and we barely saw any of it.  About half an hour after we got to our room, our luggage was delivered.  We were on the 11th floor and couldn't even see down to the ground. 

I had brought sub buns, lunch meat, chips and dip, olives, crackers and goat cheese, apple chips and we brought lots of pop with us and some alcohol.  We saved a lot of money by eating dinner, snacks and a breakfast of subs in the room.   The hotel charged $10.95 for a fancy breakfast of coffee and a bagel and cream cheese.  Plus then there was a $2.95 room service charge and a 20% gratuity added on.  Over $16 for a bagel and coffee?!  Ummm, no.  Hence the subs for breakfast.

We had a great time though.  We were able to walk to the concert and back to the hotel, although we got a little lost on the way back.  Mr. Ripples and I had lots of time to hang out and he got to see one of his all time favorite bands. 

All said and done it was a pretty expensive one night get away.  We spent about $100 more than I had anticipated due to the parking fee, tip money for the luggage delivery and valet, toll roads and a few beers at the concert.

Luckily since yesterday was pay day, I was able to put an extra $160 on the credit card and I found out that Novembers day care is only $455.  I normally set aside $685 per month.  So next pay check we'll have an extra $230.  $100 of which will be added back to our "extra" money to make up for the money spent yesterday.

I also picked up an extra project at work that I should be getting an extra $100 for. 

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