October 10, 2013

Re-Evaluating the Vacation Budget

Back in August I tried to get a good estimate of what we will be spending on vacation in January.  Now, with only 3 months until we leave, we still haven't saved much for the trip.  Good news is that the airfare is paid for and my dad is taking care of accommodations and transportation.  So we just need food money and entertainment money.  We will be gone for 8 days but the last day will just be spent flying home.

In August this was the budget I came up with:

Entertainment Expenses:
San Diego Zoo - $156
Science Center with Show - $62
Disneyland, 2 days - ($674 - $300 in Disney Rewards Dollars) $374
Queen Mary and Aquarium Ticket - $122
Wine Tour (for me and hubs) - $300
Total - $1014

8 days x $100 per day for food = $800
Entertainment = $1100
Misc. and souvenirs = $300

Grand Total = $2200

Here's the New Cut Back Estimated Budget:

Entertainment Expenses:
San Diego Zoo - $156
Disneyland, 2 days - ($674 - $340 Disney $'s) $334
Wine Tour for me and Hubs (Gotta Have a Date Day and let the Grandparents have a chance to do some baby sitting) - $100
Queen Mary and Aquarium - $122
Total - $712 

Food Budget - 6 days x $100 per day + 2 days x $50 per day= $700
Misc. and Souvenirs - $400

Grand Total - $1812

That's $388 less than I originally estimated.  I still tried to over estimate a little in some areas as I really don't like to have to watch every penny on vacation and stress about money.  Plus, I think we'll end up with a lot more Disney Rewards as we put all of our bills on this card just to earn the rewards (don't carry a balance so we don't pay interest).

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