October 13, 2013

Cutting Back on the Christmas Budget - Part 3, Birthdays

I know it sounds weird to say birthdays are part of the Christmas budget.  But we have 6 birthdays to buy for during the fall/winter that I build into the Christmas budget and add to my shopping list.

1. Nephew - 13 years old
2. Brother-in-law
3. Nephew - 9 years old
4. Best Friend's 3 year old daughter
5. Best Friend's 6 year old son
6. Best Friend's 9 year old daughter

I budgeted $25 for each of these gifts, total of $150.  But here's the new plan:

1. 13 year old nephew - $20 Laser Quest Gift Card (2 games cost $17, but that's a weird amount so I'm rounding up to $20)
2. Brother-in-law - Normally I would get him a $25 gift card to a restaurant.  But this year, I'm going to get him a 6 pack of his favorite beer.  Anyways $12 should be more than enough for this.
3. 9 year old Nephew - This one's hard.  We don't ever see him.  He was adopted when he was an infant (Long, Long story.) He was adopted along with his older brother by a family that lives about 40 minutes away.  His older brother comes to visit a couple times a year, but since this nephew was adopted right after he was born, he doesn't know our family well except for my husbands' parents.  But I still feel like we should send him a birthday present.  $20 cash in a card = $22.
4, 5, 6. My Best Friend's Kids - My friend really struggles financially.  She is the only friend that we actually buy gifts for her kids but I want to help her out some.  I already bought her 3 year old a Crayola Color Wonder Sound Studio that I bought on sale at K-Mart for $11.  I think if I watch for some good sales I can keep each of their gifts to $15 or less.

New Total -  $95, $55 or more savings.

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  1. That's a good way to break it down. $55 in savings is huge for a $150 budget!