September 27, 2013

Pay Day Updates

Lalalala, Lalalala Pa-ay Day! (to the tune of elmo's world) I was singing this when I went to work this morning.

Pay day makes me happy!  Here's some of the fun I had playing with money this morning:

Set another $100 aside for Mr. Ripples birthday party.  We now have $200 saved.  Turns out a few people can't come so we only need to reserve 4 lanes. I'm kind of happy.  We started inviting people before we decided to rent the lanes for 2 hours instead of 1, which is twice as expensive.  If we had known that ahead of time, we probably wouldn't have invited so many people to begin with.

Put another $120 in EF. Only need to save another $149 to reach the $1000 EF goal.

Paid $445 on Credit Card.

I also went grocery shopping without a list and didn't over spend. I was going to go shopping this evening but at lunch I changed my mind at the last minute and thought I could do a quick shopping trip to get it over with.  I spent $96.  I did pretty good with not over buying even without the list.  I still have $124 of grocery money to last me 2 weeks until next payday.


  1. I love paydays! Good job on the credit card and EF.

  2. Paydays are the greatest! Great job contributing to the Edmund and paying down the cc. Keep up the good work!

  3. I love paydays as well. I always feel so organized when I portion out the money to the right spots. It also shows progress, & goodness knows I love feeling like I'm making progress. :-)