September 13, 2013

Pay Day Updates

I'm a little disappointed.  My husband had a great check because of holiday pay.  But because we had extra bills: car registration and the girl's school photos, as well as a certain birthday party we are throwing, we weren't able to put any extra money in our emergency fund.

I was able to pay extra on our credit card bill.  It really sucks having credit card debt after so long of not having it.  The good thing is that I've been paying enough of the bill to not have to pay any interest and we will probably have it paid off by next month. 

I was also able to set $100 aside for Mr. Ripples party and should be able to do the same next pay.  No more using the credit card, we will have the money for the party before it happens.

Now I'm really happy I didn't book that water park package.  We wouldn't have made any progress this pay.

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