September 12, 2013


I tend to throw myself large birthday parties.  What can I say, I like to celebrate birthdays.  Last year I had a limo for my 30th birthday and My husband and I along with 3 other couples went wine tasting.  Another year, when I had received a very large bonus, I rented a 25 person limo for my birthday. Apparently, I have a thing for limos.  The majority of the costs for these parties come out of my personal spending money.  Mr. Ripples always complains around his birthday that he never gets to do anything big.  I tried to tell him that I got to because I was willing to pay for it myself but he hasn't come up with any ideas or offered to pay for anything with his own money.

So his birthday is in a few weeks. I booked a party at our local bowling alley.  It was $23 per lane for 1 hour of bowling and then 1 hour of "party room" time. But since the party is for an adult and we aren't doing the whole let's watch him open gifts and play games type of thing, I called back and requested that we bowl for 2 hours.  Now the cost is $43 per lane.  We are also providing pizza and pop.  If guests want beer, they can purchase it at the bar.  So when its all said and done, we're looking at around $300 for this party.  I told my husband that I was going to pay for part of it as my gift to him and the rest will have to just come out of the joint account.  I did make a photo book online for him that will be from the girls. All the pictures are of him and the girls from this year.

It will be a fun party.  We've told everyone to bring the kids so no one has to worry about sitters.  And the kids will be kept busy bumper bowling.

The only reason I wish that we had a bigger house is when it comes to birthdays. Our house is so small, that if we have more than a few extra people over, its way to crowded.  It makes it expensive to have to always find a place to have a party.

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  1. We are so different. I used to change the date in my FB to a few days after my birthday, and once it passed, move it back to the original date. I'd rather keep my birthday to myself and not get other people involved, really. I'm an introvert to a T in that aspect. Hope the bowling party is a success!