September 20, 2013

New Approach to Christmas Shopping for My Girls

Every year I set a specific amount that I can spend on my girls.  I tend to spend that much and usually more.  When I find good deals on anything I think they might like, I buy it.  This year I want to shop with a purpose.  They already have tons of toys.   I've already purchased a few gifts for each of them that I found some good deals on but I'm going to try not to buy anymore random things.

Big Ripples wants a vanity for her room, which I will hopefully be able to find a used one that I can clean up.  And I'll continue to look for arts and crafts supplies on clearance.  Big Ripples loves to draw, color and write her own stories. 

I want to get each of the girls their own bowling balls and bags since they are both on a bumper bowling league.

I'll have to do a little more thinking about what Little Ripples could use or really enjoy that we don't already have.  It so hard to shop for her because she plays with Big Ripples' toys plus has all the hand me down toys that Big Ripples' had when she was younger.  I really can't think of much else.  Maybe a kids sized basketball hoop for the playroom.

And each of the girls gets to ask Santa for one gift.  Santa brings the one gift they asked for and usually one extra gift as a surprise.  I already have a couple gifts that I can use as Santa's surprise extra gifts.


  1. Recently I bought a Little Tykes giftcard, $50 worth for $25. I am thinking of getting a little table and chair set for my nephews 1 and 3yo. Definitely something they can use vs more toys to clutter the house with.

  2. Wow!!! You are GENEROUS. My lot have always been able to ask Santa for one gift, us for another. They also each get a heaping filled stocking on the foot of their beds. (Last year "stocking overflow" which included tank tops for dd and Lego sets for the two ds necessitated a surprise of a second new stocking on each of their beds.) By telling them they can only ask for 2 gifts, I can concentrate on getting those specific things. Think Play Doh Fun Factory, heart shaped locket and metal detectors. Then, the things like the pack of giant sidewalk chalk for. 1.99 bought on clearance in August which they duscover under the tree are totally unexpected...and thoroughly appreciated. It really goes a long way in keeping Christmas magical. I never expected a specific thing on Christmas, yet always, even as a teen, enjoyed our celebrations. Everything was a surprise! I always felt badly for my peers who would say what they were "getting" way before school let out for break. How jaded.