September 20, 2013

Things I've done this week to save money

  • Ordered a pizza and salad online to take over to my Grandma's for dinner and used a coupon code.  A pepperoni pizza and family size salad only cost me $12.74 and it was enough for 3 adults, two children and leftovers for Mr. Ripples lunch. 
  • Found some great gifts on clearance at Walgreen's and Kmart.
  • Didn't buy lunch at work all week. (I have a weakness for the big salads they have in the café.)
  • Made a meal plan and grocery list for next week.
  • Listed some items on ebay.

1 comment:

  1. One of my siblings brought home some salads they had leftover at work. I went out to replicate them myself, and now I am a fan. Have you tried replicating those salads you see at the café? My issue is that I have to first try it, because otherwise, I just wont buy all the ingredients. And mine are nothing fancy at all, just romaine, olives, feta cheese and red onion shavings. I don't even add meat, and it's perfect as is! Was getting very tired of having spinach all the time.

    Hope your ebay items sell for a good amount!