August 17, 2013

Pump It Up Party Review

The girls' birthday party was today at Pump It Up.  It was the easiest birthday party that I have ever done.  One year, I created a carnival party complete with homemade invitations in the shape of tickets,  games, cotton candy, prizes and a circus play tent filled with balls to play in.  I love to plan a party for the girls' birthday but tend to take on too much.  I always end up making the food, cakes, decorations myself to save money but since I usually serve a meal I still end up spending $250 - $300 for the party.

So this year, Big Ripples' desperately wanted to have her party at Pump It Up.  And it was definitely one of the easiest parties I have ever thrown.  Instead of invitations, I created an event on Facebook  and called guests that I knew weren't on Facebook.

Since the party was already costing a lot, I decided to have it at 1:45 so I didn't have to serve a meal.  I brought juice boxes and bottled water.  A friend of mine brought the cakes as her gift to the girls and they were great.  Big Ripples had a chocolate Barbie Cake and Baby Ripples had a yellow cake with Minnie Mouse Decorations.

Pump It Up supplied the paper products.  We had two employees with us in both the jumping rooms.  They taught the kids a silly birthday cake dance which was really funny and they helped out throughout the party with the kids and the different inflatables.   The party room was already set up when we were done with the jumping part of the party.  The gifts were laid out nicely on a table.  They had two inflatable thrones so the girls each had a throne to sit on.  The party helpers carried the cakes to the girls to blow out their birthday candles, served the cake and made sure everyone had drinks.  When the presents were all open, they loaded everything up on a cart and helped us load up the car.  Plus they cleaned up the mess that we left behind. 

Pump It Up Party: $259
Drinks: $6
Balloon Splash Down: $25 (This was AWESOME!  They filled the bottom of the big slide with balloons so when you went down the slide you crashed into a pile of 100 balloons.  Then an employee had to stand there to throw all the balloons back on the slide that had fallen off.)
Tip for the party helpers: $25
Goody Bags: $6
Total: $321

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