August 18, 2013

A productive day and update to the Agust Grocery Challenge

I had planned on doing nothing today.  Sleeping in sounded great.  Until I couldn't sleep.  I started going through all the girls clothes weeding out anything that was starting to look worn out or stained. Somehow this got me motivated. 

These are all things I accomplished today:
  • Put 2 loads of laundry away and started a third load
  • Hung up all of the girls new clothes
  • Cleaned out the girls closets and drawers
  • Cleaned out and sorted through all our shoes (2 bags going to goodwill)
  • Swept, vacuumed and mopped
  • Ran the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen
  • Picked up the mess of new toys the girls keep leaving everywhere
  • Played a new game with the girls
  • Big Ripples read one of her new books to me
  • Started school supply shopping at the dollar store
  • Went grocery shopping at Acme
  • Researched how to get rid of fruit flies and set up an experiment of two different home remedies to see which works best
  • Cooked pork chops, mac and cheese and green beans for dinner
Best Deal at the Grocery Store: Mr. Ripples loves lean pockets.  I've actually learned I can't stock up on them when they are on sale because that is all he will eat for a week straight if I do.  But since Lean Pockets were on sale and I had a coupon, I bought 4 boxes for only $1.35 each.

Other than that I just bought pop and produce.  Mr. Ripples and I sort of have a pop problem.  I used to just blame it on him, but lately I've noticed I've been drinking too much of it.  I spent $30.85.  So far for August I've spent $412.67 out of my $440 grocery budget.  I have $27.33 left for the month.  I think I can make it.  I know I'll probably need some more milk and produce but that should be all.  We have tons of food and I all the ingredients that I need to make the recipes I'm planning.

In other news, our cat Princess got outside last week.  She has never tried to get out before and she was only outside for an hour or two.  But we realized last night she has fleas.  I bought some medicine at the grocery store and came home and checked the reviews online.  It sounds like the product is crap.  I might try to return it but I already opened the packaging.  Tomorrow, I'll call the vet to get some of the good stuff.  We haven't noticed any bites on any of us but tomorrow evening will be spent washing all of our bedding and thoroughly vacuuming upstairs and in the basement.

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  1. I love pop. Its a bad habit for us, too. If you leave a cup of vinegar out, that works well for fruit flies. Sorry to hear about the fleas. It sounds like a major pain.