August 2, 2013

Dollar Store Discoveries

I ran to the dollar store today at lunch.  I love the Dermasil lotion they have.  It's thick and isn't oily.  So I bought 3 bottles as I am addicted to putting lotion on my hands and I was running out of all the bottles stashed around my house and desk at work.

I also found some cute notebooks, colorful pens and colorful tape.  Little Ripples loves new notebooks.  She's always trying to make books out of them.  Her birthday is Sunday, and even though we already bought her 2 gifts, I really felt like she needed 3 gifts to open.  I don't know why.  3 just seems like a good amount of gifts to me.  So I'm going to make a gift bag of the stationary stuff I found.

I'm really excited because I found wet pads for the Swiffer.  12 for only 1 dollar.  I'm assuming they'll be cheaply made without the scrubbing strip that the name brand ones offer.  But for a dollar they are worth a try! 


  1. I like Dermasil lotion, but it is so expensive. I just bought 12 knockoff Swiffer pads for $2.50 just yesterday. Should've gone your way!

  2. Swiffer accessories are so overpriced. Its definitely worth trying the cheaper ones.

  3. I usually use 2 of the swiffer wet pads for the 1st floor. I figure even if I have to use 3 or 4 of the cheap ones, I'm still way ahead. Some day I want to make my own reusable ones out of rags, but I'm kind of grossed out about the idea of throwing the dirty rags in with the laundry so for now I'll stick with the disposable ones.