August 19, 2013

Changes in our budget and yet again revising goals

We have decided to stop the gymnastics lessons for the girls.  I asked Big Ripples to only pick two extra activities and she chose bowling and guitar lessons.  The gymnastics lessons were more expensive than I thought for the fall sessions and it was beginning to be too much.

After we pay all of the expenses on our rental condo, we should have $333 left over each month.  This money will be allocated as follows:

Home Repair Savings: $100
Girls Activities: $120
Paying back savings money that we used for down payment: $113 (this could be more it just depends on how much the water bill is.)

My goals for any extra regular income will be to:
1. pay off credit card before interest starts getting charged
2. Build Emergency Fund to $1000
3. Save $2200 for vacation in January

Extra Goal if first 3 are accomplished: This will be a BIG Stretch to accomplish this by the end of 2013.  Pay off student loan balance - $1212 (This was my goal before we bought the second condo.  I made a huge dent in it the beginning part of the year but haven't been making extra payments since we purchased the investment condo.  My interest rate is 7.25% so I need to get rid of this.)

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  1. Oh, you're so close to getting rid of that student loan! I'm envious. Hopefully you will be able to pull it off before the year is over.