August 19, 2013

Day care just got cheaper! Woohoo!

I had $785 set aside for the Sept. day care bill.  I was paying $145 per week for 4 days of day care last year.  Plus they hadn't charged me yet for the last week of August which is when the fall program starts.  I wasn't sure how much it would be but I figured $785 should cover it.

I just took Baby Ripples to her preschool orientation and received the bill for 5 weeks - $575!!!

One week is only a three day week due to Labor Day.  So exciting.  I had hoped the weekly amount would go down since she is in the preschool class and not the toddler room anymore.  But I figured it would be a minimal amount.  The rate went down $25 per week!  That's $100 per month savings!

So I have $210 to reallocate.  I need to buy Big Ripples 2 new booster seats.  I can just get the cheaper kind that don't have a back since she is getting pretty big.  Then Baby Ripples can transition to the booster seats we already have that have the high back on them. I'm going to estimate $50 for this.  We also have a wedding to go to this week.  I'm going to set $40 aside as a wedding gift. 

This came at a perfect time.  We were running low in our "extra money" category for the month and I wasn't sure when I would fit the booster seats into the budget.  Baby Ripples car seats should last a while longer but the belt buckle is starting to rub her leg a bit when she's wearing shorts or a skirt.

I'll split the extra $120 in half, $60 for EF and $60 for credit card.

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  1. Woot. It's like a snowball in itself. Good job on allocating some to the EF too. Maybe you can run a few more weeks as if you still had to pay the full bill and save it to an extra-money account for any incidentals the school year may bring.